Case Studies: High-Temperature Plastics

High-Temperature Plastics


Upgrade product so it can withstand harsher and more demanding operating conditions.


Evaluate and select a high-temperature resin whose electrical properties exceed those of the engineering grade resin currently being used and can withstand the harsher environment.


  • Evaluate operating environment

    - Operating temperature
    - Exposure to solvents
    - Electrical environment
    - Mechanical stresses

  • Evaluate Resin Properties

    - Electrical
    - Mechanical
    - Thermal
    - Chemical
    - Flammability

For this application High-Temperature Plastics were evaluated due to their superior properties. Some of those properties are as follows:

  • High-temperature resistance, operating temperatures as high as 500°F.
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • High-radiation resistance
  • Excellent water/chemical resistance
  • High-wear resistance
  • Good fire resistance without additives

For this application electrical resistance was the key criteria. Consequently a polyetherimide was chosen that had a dielectric strength of 710 volts/mil. This compared well against the engineering resin (polycarbonate) previously being used that had a dielectric strength of 380 volts/mil.