Custom Injection Molding

Committed to Quality

EnTech Plastics is committed to providing its customers high quality parts at competitive prices. The company achieves this goal by utilizing the latest technology available and training all employees in the application of those technologies.

EnTech Plastics molding machines range in size from 28 to 880 tons. All machines have closed loop microprocessor controls and Statistical Process Control on key processing parameters. This enables the company to repeatedly produce high precision parts with minimal scrap, which provides our customers parts at lower costs.

EnTech Plastics' management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

EnTech specializes in custom molding engineered resins and difficult to run parts. Our customers can attest to our ability to run molds other cannot! Contact us and let our engineering department help solve your molding problems.

Technology-driven Molding Operation

  • 28- to 880-ton injection molding machines
  • Closed-loop microprocessor controls
  • Microplast/microflow software

Statistical Process Control

  • Monitors process to eliminate quality variation


  • Customer service
  • Minimize cost and maximize quality
  • Employee involvement
  • Continuous training
  • Priority to engineering
EnTech Plastics Custom Injection Molding