Our Facility

Our Facility

Our manufacturing operation is equipped with a total of 23 well maintained injection molding machines, ranging in size from 28 ton to 880 ton. Some of the machine characteristics are as follows:

  • The 88- to 880-ton machines are capable of running Gas-Assist Technology
  • Capable of molding parts ranging in size from 2 grams to 15 pounds
  • Closed-loop micro-processor controls
  • SPC process monitoring to eliminate process variation
  • Each machine monitored in Real-Time by our Plant Wide Production Monitoring System (IQMS)
  • Machines equipped with Core pull, Air eject, Ceramic Heater bands, Hardened screws and barrels
  • Automatic Material Loading Systems at each machine

Other Equipment:

Supporting our molding machines is all the additional equipment required to manufacture high quality product from both engineering grade, and commodity grade, resins. Some of this equipment is as follows:

  • The appropriate inspection equipment required by every manufactured part
  • Cooling towers and chillers with filters and water treatment systems
  • Thermolators
  • Desiccant and hot air dryers
  • Mold Temperature Controllers
  • Air compressors with drying systems
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Quality Monitoring System
  • Integrated Plant Wide ERP System

Our Manufacturing Plant:

  • 24-hour-day, 5-day-week Operation
  • 35,000 Square feet of Manufacturing Space
  • 20,000 Square Feet of Warehouse Space with 9 Loading Docks
  • Fire Protection System