EnTech Plastics

About EnTech Plastics

EnTech Plastic, founded in 1996, has injection molding machines ranging in size from 88 to 880 tons. We manufacture parts in size ranging from one gram to 6.8 kilograms. All of our equipment is "state-of-the-art." To view our complete equipment listing, click here.

EnTech Plastics specializes in custom molding engineered resin plastics in parts that are difficult to run. Our customers can attest to our ability to run molds others cannot. Through the application of engineering and technology, we provide our customers with quality and precision molded parts at competitive prices.

We also specialize in the application of Gas-Assist Injection Molding. This technology allows us to provide unique part design with cost competitive advantages to our customers.

Through strategic alliances with the Plastics Engineering Program at Penn State, the Plastics Technology Center and high quality tool shops, EnTech Plastics provides the complete package — from mold design through production.


We are committed to working closely with a select group of customers to provide them with small to medium volume quantities of high quality, low cost components, versus the high volume, many customer approach of conventional injection molding companies.