Engineering Services

Minimizes Total Part Costs!

EnTech Plastics is an Engineering and Technology focused organization. As a member of the Plastics Engineering Consortium at Penn State and through its association with the Plastics Technology Center, EnTech Plastics provides its customers with services not normally provided by most custom injection molding companies. These services include the following:

Rapid Prototyping

This allows companies to evaluate new design concepts before incurring major tooling costs thereby reducing product development time and costs.

Material Testing & Analysis

Leads to improved part performance. A key to the function of any part is its resin characteristics. Material testing and analysis allows a company to select the proper resin early in the development state. This helps to ensure the success of new product introductions.

Mold Flow Analysis

The Injection Molding Process Simulation and Analysis optimizes cycle times, provides optimal tool design, and can save material by specifying runner sizes where appropriate.

Mold Design & Fabrication

Strategic alliances with local tool and die shops allow EnTech Plastics to provide prototype and production mold fabrication services.

Design through Production Capability

EnTech Plastics' integrated approach to product development and manufacturing reduces project cycle time, optimizes part and mold design, minimizes manufacturing costs and maximizes customer profits.

EnTech Plastics Engineering Services